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Rabbit Breeds From JPHPK


Vienna white

Origin: Austria. Sturdy. Weigh 8-12 lbs. 2 colours - Vienna Blue with dark, slate blue top colour &  lighter under colour & Vienna white.


Origin: Beveren, Belgium. Meat & fur producer. One of largest of fur rabbits. Come in light lavender blue, white, glossy, jet black with dark blue under colour, brown & lilac. Also a rare variety called the Pointed Beveren which comes in same colours but has white tipped hairs. Outstanding feature of white variety is its blue eyes. "Mandolin type" body. Excellent pets for small children. Weigh around 8-12 lbs.


Origin: Derbyshire, England. Dutch-wild rabbit cross. Deep golden tan as part of colouring, the rest either black, blue, chocolate or lilac. Weighs 4-6 lbs. Good pet.

Silver Fox

Origin: Ohio. Jet black with silvering. Desirable meat breed. High dress out percentage. Also one of most popular fur breeds. Unusual long, dense fur &  evenly silvered coat. Coat is longer than normal commercial rabbit fur; slightly coarse texture. Weighs 9 -12 lbs. Gentle. Easy breeders. Excellent mothers. Adapt to any climate.

Silver Marten


Known as Silver Fox in England. (not the same as the Silver Fox in America) Black, blue, chocolate, sable with silver-tipped guard hairs running from belly up sides & rump. Back free of tipping. Weighs 6-9 1/2 lbs.

American Chinchilla

Origin: France. Has one of the best coats of all breeds. Dense, fine  1 1/4 " long hair that is smooth & glossy. Under colour of fur should be slate blue at base, middle portion pearl grey, merging into white & tipped with black. Whole pelt should be ticked with long, black guard hairs. Rounded body. Originally called "Heavyweight Chinchilla". Weigh 9-12 lbs. Giant Chinchilla weighs 12-16 lbs, while the Standard Chinchilla weighs 5-7 1/2 lbs. Make a good pet.

English Spot


Origin said to be similar to that of Checkered Giant. White rabbit with colour on butterfly nose, chain markings, cheek spot, coloured ears & herringbone stripe of blue, black, tortoiseshell, gold, lilac, grey or chocolate. Called the "Lapin Papillon Angalias" in France (English Butterfly Rabbit)  because of its butterfly nose. Long, arched body. Amazingly quick growers, with excellent dress-out at an early age. Weigh 5-8 lbs.

Castor Rex


Mini Rex
 Seal Point Rex
Origin: France. Black, black otter, blue, broken group, californian, castor, chinchilla, chocolate, himalayan, lilac, lynx, opal, red, sable, seal tortoise & white. Extremely dense, straight 5/8" fur. Graceful & good natured. Make good pets. Usually weigh around 7 1/2-10 1/2 lbs. Mini rex weighs 3-4 1/2 lbs.

New Zealand

Origin: America. Colours white, black & blue.Bright golden red ones with slighter harsher coat than other colours. Long, muscular body. Weighs 9-12 lbs.

Netherland Dwarf

Origin: Netherlands. Cross between Polish & small wild rabbit. Wide variety of colours & patterns. Self, shaded, agouti, tan pattern, fawn, himalayan, orange, steel, tortoiseshell. Short, compact. Ears well furred, erect but seem too short for head. Fur is of a roll back nature. Weigh < 2 1/2 lbs. Tends to be nippy; not too good for families with small children.

Jersey Wooly

Origin: New Jersey. Small rabbit carrying dwarf genes. Short, compact, well rounded body. Long,  dense wooly coat. Ideal length 2-3". Wide variety of colours. Weigh < 3 1/2 lbs


Origin: France. White with black eye rings. Short, compact, well rounded body. Uniformly wide from shoulders to hips. Head relatively large with broad skull & muzzle, set off by short, well-furred ears. Standard ones weigh 8-11 lbs; dwarfs weigh < 3 lbs. Pictured here is the dwarf Hotot

Holland Lop

English Lop
French Lop 
Cross between Dwarf
-French Lop x English Lop. Short fur, Heavily muscled.
Weigh < 4 lbs.
Legs are short, thick, straight & heavily boned for its size. Excellent breeders

Most popular.
"Mandolin type" body.
Very long lop ears.
Minimal length 21"
from tip to tip & width
of 1/4 the length.
Very friendly.
Weigh > 9lbs

Cross between English Lop & Flemish Giants. Heavy build. Massive, thickset appearance. Ears hand horse-shoe shaped; extend approximately 1-1 1/2" below jaw. Weighs >10 lbs.

Seal Point Cashmere Lop

Smoke Pearl Cashmere Lop

Red-eye White Cashmere Lop

Black Cashmere Lop


American Fuzzy Lop

Also known as Cashmere Lop (pictures above). Cross between Holland Lop & Angora. 19 coat colours - blue, chestnut, chinchilla, lynx, opal, squirrel, pointed white, blue-eyed white, chocolate, lilac, ruby-eyed white, sable point, siamese sable, siamese smoke pearl, tortoise shell (black & blue), fawn, black & orange. Short, compact muscular body. Appearance of round ball with flat face. No neck. Very dense, coarse coat 1-2" length. Ears hang straight down, extending 1/2-1" below jaw. Weighs 3 1/2-4 lbs.


Origin: Ankara, Turkey.
4 types. English, French, Satin & Giant.
Pure bred Giant Angora is only white in colour.
Ruby-eyed. Very versatile. Weigh  > 9 1/2 lbs
with soft, fine undercoat, straight stiff guard hairs & wavy fluff with guard tip in between

Satin Angora

One of the most beautiful, yet least popular of Angora breeds. Wonderful silken wool producers (with brilliant sheen).
Weigh 6 1/2- 9 1/2 lbs.

French Angora

Slighter larger, with  longer & narrower body than English angora. Good wool producers, but coarse.
Ears have tufts.
Come in variety of
colours including white, solids & broken pattern. Weigh 7 1/2-10 1/2 lbs.

English Angora

english angora 

Cutest & most popular. Enchanting. Clowns of the group. Delightful fuzzy faces & ears make them look like stuffed animals. Compact, cobby body giving appearance like round ball of fluff. Long, silky hair. Rich ruby-red eyes. Gentle. Very curious & definitely people friendly. Make super house rabbits. Smallest of the Angora. Weigh 5-8 lbs.

Florida White


Origin: Florida. Cross between Dutch, Polish & New Zealand White. Pure white. Rather short, rounded body. Weighs 4-6 lbs.

Flemish Giant


Origin: Flanders. Black, blue, fawn, light grey, sandy grey, dark steel grey, white colour. Long body. Heavy build. Weighs  13-14 lbs & over



Origin: Holland. Fancy rabbit. Colours: Black, blue, torte & chocolate, yellow, steel grey, brown grey & pearl grey. White markings clear & distinct; chest, forelegs, blaze (white covering the nose & whisker beads & the colour continues along the jaw line) & footstops to be white. Make excellent pets.  Weighs  3 1/2-5 1/2 lbs. Although very small, carry a lot of meat on compact frame. Little loss in dressing out.


American Checkered Giant


Origin: Germany. Flemish Giant cross. Weigh >11 lbs. White with black or blue markings (along spine, body spots, cheek spots, coloured ears, eye circles & butterfly mark on nose). Markings very similar to English, except no chain marking. Long, well arched body. Weigh > 11 lbs



Origin: USA. Cross between Himalayan, Standard Chinchilla & New Zealand White. Colour all white with black, chocolate, blue or lilac nose, ears, feet & tail. Red eyes. Short, smooth coat. Rounded body. Calm & gentle. Make excellent pets. Weigh 8-10 1/2 lbs.


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